Keep Calm and Snap

Kontrapunkt - Croatian film

ufuraj se i pukni

The Prišt brothers are at a crossroads, preparing for their acting studies. Krešo, the older brother, has a hump and too much confidence. The other brother, Kruno, who can’t properly pronounce some words, finds out he has failed his entrance exam at the Faculty of Forestry and his girlfriend has left him. They chose their neighbour Črček, who lives in the same building, to supervise their preparations for studying acting. Črček is one of those characters who can’t do anything right, but at the same time he is likeable, chatty and ready to help.

HR | 2018 | 83’
comedy | debut

DIRECTOR Ljubomir Kerekeš | SCREENPLAY Jan Kerekeš | CINEMATOGRAPHY Davor Bjelanović | EDITOR Tin Majnarić | PRODUCTION DESIGN Jan Kerekeš  | COSTUME DESIGN Vika Kerekeš | SOUND Borna Buljević | SCORE Marin Kereša, Jan Kerekeš | MAKE UP Ema Kerekeš | VISUAL EFFECTS Ivana Majnarić | SPECIAL EFFECTS Tin Majnarić | LEAD ACTRESS Mirela Brekalo | LEAD ACTOR Ljubomir Kerekeš | SUPPORTING ACTRESSES Ana Begić, Hana Hegedušić | SUPPORTING ACTORS Zoran Pribičević, Jan Kerekeš, Goran Grgić, Žarko Potočnjak | PRODUCERS Jan Kerekeš, Ljubomir Kerekeš | COMPANY Kerekesh Teatar | DISTRIBUTION Blitz film | WORLD SALES Blitz film 

Ljubomir Kerekeš (Varaždin, 1960) has been working as an artist for 37 years, and has received a plethora of recognition and most prestigious theatre awards. He is the author of several drama texts and plays, and is one of the most awarded and most prolific Croatian actors. He has worked on more than 50 films and TV series, mostly in leading roles. He has written and directed more than 10 plays, which are currently staged more than 150 times a year in Croatia and abroad. Get into It and Snap is his directorial debut film.

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