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In the morning after a party Tina finds out that the owner of the apartment she lives with her roommate Lea in has died. Now they can finally get rid of all of her things.

Croatia | 15’ | 2018

DIRECTOR Tomislav Đurinec | SCREENPLAY Tomislav Đurinec | CINEMATOGRAPHY Vana Katančić | EDITOR Marko Klajić | CAST Tihana Lazović, Lukrecija Tudor, Zvonimir Jurić | PRODUCER Martina Roginić | SCHOOL Akademija dramske umjetnosti, Zagreb

FESTIVALS Zagreb Film Festival 2018

Tomislav Đurinec (Varaždin, 1990) is a graduate student of the film directed at ADU in Zagreb. He is the author of several short feature films and documentaries, shown on domestic and foreign film festivals.

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