Little hero

Student Programme


On a beautiful spring day, just after the rain has stopped, a little boy tries to convince his ever-busy mother to go out and play together. Disappointed by her rejection, he goes out on his own.

Romania | 5’ | 2018
Original title: Micul erou

DIRECTOR Elena Ciolacu | SCREENPLAY Elena Ciolacu | EDITOR Valeriu Căliman, Elena Ciolacu, Cosmin Marius Stângă | SCORE Simona Strungaru | SCHOOL UNATC I.L.CARAGIALE, Rumunjska

FESTIVALS  Animefest 2019, Bukurešt

Elena Ciolacu - Award winning illustrator, graphic novel artist and 2D animator. She made her debut in animation with her first student film, Little hero.

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