Student Progamme


A student (Nadica) decides to tell a white lie to cover for her absence from the school exam, but at the end she gets to feel how bitter the truth can be.

North Macedonia | 10’ | 2018

DIRECTOR Aleksandar Arsovski | SCREENPLAY Aleksandar Arsovski | CINEMATOGRAPHY Nikola Markovski | EDITOR Dimitar Spirkoski | SCORE Zoran Tevdovski | CAST Izabela Jakimova, Sandra Tancheva | PRODUCER Aleksandar Arsovski | SCHOOL Filmska akademija Štip Film Academy - Shtip

Aleksandar Arsovski is young filmmaker who finished in Film Academy in Stip, Macedonia. He has been worked in several professional short films in Macedonian and some feature films. He is a big lover of films and TV series, his films have been selected in several festival threw whole Europe, and he is already know in Macedonia in all film festivals because every year he is taking part of them with his films.

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