Accreditation for the 70th Pula

 Accreditation for the 70th Pula

The call for all film professionals, journalists and media representatives for accreditations for the 70th Pula Film Festival to be held 15–23 July 2023 is now open.

PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATION is intended for persons and professionals active and employed in the film industry: directors, actors, producers, distributers, cultural and art workers in the field of film, professors and students of film and art academies and faculties, film workers, screenwriters, film theorists and film critics, organisers of film festival and events, promoters, representatives of the diplomatic corps of countries whose films are screened at the Festival, etc. More information



PRESS ACCREDITATION – applications for accreditations for journalist and media representatives will be considered until 30 June 2023, and you can get your accreditation via the online form. Information on the status of your accreditation will be sent to you via e-mail once the deadline for applications has passed. More information


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