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The exhibition Festival of Yugoslavian Film at the MEMO Museum in Pula will be open until the end of July 2019. It is a new, additional section of the MEMO Museum, which focuses on everyday life in Pula from the 1950s to the 1980s. The exhibition fit right in at the Museum with exhibits such as the popular cameras - Super 8mm cameras, rare instruments used in film production, projectors, screens, and reproductions of the famous posters for the Festival.

Other than the tangible mementos of the Festival of Yugoslavian Film, visitors can see three short documentary films, chronicles of the Festival: the 18-minute Biography 1954-1978, the 3-minute chronicle of the Festival of Yugoslavian Film from 1961, and the film Goodbye in Pula from 1961. Live action films played on a TV screen at the entrance to the Museum also reflect upon film as such and the Festival days.

MEMO Museum is located in the city’s former popular cake shop Kod Mađara, which was an important stop not to be missed during the Festival of Yugoslavian Film - it was open very late at the weekends - and is significant as it, in itself, keeps the memory of the first decades of the Film Festival in Pula alive.

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