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The Croatian Programme of the 67th Pula Film Festival, which will be held from 18 to 26 July, will see 16 films competing for Golden Arenas, with 6 films in the Croatian Film Programme and 10 films in the Minority Co-Productions Programme.

The opening ceremony will be followed by the screening of Mare by Andrea Štaka from the Croatian Film Programme. In the Croatian Programme, the following films will be screened, in the following order: Mater by Jure Pavlović, The Voice by Ognjen Sviličić, Fishing and Fishermen’s Conversations by Milan Trenc, Go, Went, Gone by Ljubo Zdjelarević, and Tereza37 by Danilo Šerbedžija. The Minority Co-Productions Programme will continue at the Arena with the films Father by Srdan Golubović and Barefoot Emperor by Peter Brosens, while the films Don’t Forget to Breathe by Martin Turk, The Son by Ines Tanović, Corporation by Matej Nahtigal, Breasts by Marija Perović, All Against All by Andrej Košak, Leeches by Dragan Marinković, I Am Frank by Metod Pevec, and Aga’s House by Lendita Zeqiraj will be screened at the Istrian National Theatre.

Other than films in the competition programme, a part of the films from the Short Pula Programme will also be screened at the Arena. Two short films will be screened earlier in the day: Following… by Karla Lulić, and The Rudeness of a German Lady by Silva Ćapin. Later in the day, at the Arena, four documentary films (three as world premieres) will be screened after the competition programme: Disaster: Beach of Mines by Arsen Oremović, Seagull by Ivan Živković Žika, and Berge Istra by Dražen Majić, as well as Stepinac - The Archbishop and His Conscience. The other 20 documentary films from the Short Pula Programme and 21 student films will be screened at Valli Cinema, while 9 short films will be screened at Istrian National Theatre.

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