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The Voice, written and directed by Ognjen Sviličić will be shown on the third day of Pula Film Festival. Actress Klara Mučibabić, also known by her stage name Klara Mucci, spoke at the press conference about her role and work on the film.

In the film, which examines the relationship of an individual and their fate, she plays a girl converted. “I play a girl who is in a car accident that leaves her paralysed. When she miraculously walks again, she understands it as proof of faith”, says Mucci about her character.

In preparing for the role, she talked asking questions and talking to people who had experience with converting, as she did not know much about it.

“I went to Međugorje for spiritual renewal, where we were silent for the first three days, and after that I heard many testimonies about converting, which I found very inspirational”, she said.

She got the part after an audition that Sviličić himself invited her to. “He is a very fair director, because he knows exactly what he wants”, she said.

The filming took place in Zagreb and Šibenik, and has brought together regular people and experienced actors. This, Mucci says, proved to be a winning combination, so after the filming, some of the non-professional actors even went to entrance exams at the Academy of Dramatic Art.

Klara Mucci will focus on two foreign projects after she finishes with the filming of a series in Zagreb.


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