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Seagull is another in a series of documentary films that, along with feature films, will be screened at the Arena. Ivan Živković Žika directed the film about a ship that has made the Adriatic famous, and is currently being renovated in Kraljevica. It is the well-known Galeb that belonged to Tito.

Writer and director Živković said that the idea for this came to journalist Denis Kuljiš, who died suddenly, so the filming, which was scheduled for last year and the year before, took a bit longer. “I cancelled everything because I didn’t want to work without him, but his wife convinced me to carry on, and after that I quickly gathered a team and started”, he said.

They departed from Montenegro, where Tito departed from to London to meet Winston Churchill.

The film does not speak about Tito’s career, Živković explained, but about his great navigation endeavour that lasted 479 days, visiting 18 countries and entering 29 ports. During his travels, Tito initiated the establishment of the Non-Aligned Movement, the largest grouping of states worldwide after the United Nations. Many countries entered the Movement, including India and Egypt.

“With the support from the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the film Seagull should set off on a journey following in Tito’s footsteps, to India and Cairo”, said Živković. The screenings should, weather permitting, take place on the ship itself, which will become a museum with a restaurant and a hostel after renovation.

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