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The penultimate film in competition for the Grand Golden Arena at the 67th Pula Film Festival, Go, Went, Gone, was presented at a press conference today. Director Ljubo Zdjelarević said the idea was to make a film for the younger audience. “I went in the reverse order. First I found the audience I wanted to make the film for, and then I decided on what I am going to make”, he said.

Zdjelarević says that today’s youth is not in front of the TV, but use new media, such as YouTube, so his characters are a pair of YouTube content creators, Vid Juračić and Kaya Solo (Kaja Kočevar), and there is also the gamer Baka Prase (Bogdan Ilić), who was the most popular gamer in the Balkans at the time of filming.

YouTuber Veronika Rosandić is also in the film, but as her work means she is in front of a camera every day, it was not difficult to be in front of a camera on film. “The only difference is that on a film set, some of the scenes get repeated, while YouTubers improvise”, she said.

Zijad Gračić was pleasantly surprised when he was invited to be a part of the film, and says that Zdjelarević utilised him well: “I am not a part of the narrative, I only listen to the story about what had happened. The world of YouTubers and influencers is completely new to me”, he admitted and added that working on this film was a fantastic experience. Gračić thinks that the idea of a film like this one is sensational, especially because of the trend of feature films moving towards documentary films, which this film is.

Producer Barbara Jukopila said that production was interesting, but demanding. “We filmed in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Turkey, which was logistically very demanding. However, I worked with great people and it was an excellent experience”, she concluded.

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