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berge istra

Pula Film Festival would like to inform you that tickets for tomorrow’s screening of the documentary film Berge Istra sold out this morning. The film is directed by Dražen Majić, who also wrote the screenplay with Zoran Angeleski. It will see its Croatian premiere at the Arena, with all of this year’s seats sold out, close to the former Uljanik shipyard, where the gigantic Berge Istra ship was build in 1972.

Film summary:

Uljanik built the largest ship in the world. It was the greatest success of self-managing socialism. Three years after the launch, the ship mysteriously disappeared in the Pacific. The largest naval search thus far was launched, and after twenty days the ship was declared missing, and the largest compensation in history paid. Through intimate witness stories, conversations with shipbuilders, sailors and victims families, using previously unpublished archival material, Berge Istra explores the secret of the disappearance of the Yugoslav Titanic, one of the greatest mysteries in maritime history.

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