The Wide Blue Road

The Time Machine

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To get out of poverty, fisherman Squarciò decides to use bombs instead of nets. This infuriates other fishermen, who now hate and reject him and his family, so he sails beyond the local waters with his sons. But this time, the sea exacts a terrible toll and tragedy is inevitable.

Italy, France, West Germany, Yugoslavia | 1957 | 103’

drama, romance 

DIRECTOR Gillo Pontecorvo | SCREENPLAY Ennio De Concini, Gillo Pontecorvo (based on the book by Franc Solinas) | CINEMATOGRAPHY Mario Montuori | EDITOR Eraldo Da Roma | SCORE Carlo Franci | CAST Yves Montand, Alida Valli, Francisco Rabal, Mario Girotti, Umberto Spadaro | PRODUCER Maleno Malenotti | COMPANY G.E.S.I. Cinematografica

Gillo Pontecorvo (Pisa, 1919 – Rome, 2006) is an Italian director, known for one of the most influential films of politically engaged cinema of the 20th century, The Battle of Algeirs (1966), which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Director and Best Screenplay.

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