Time Machine 3

Book presentation


The third festival edition of Time Machine focuses on the reissue of the book Cinematographic Activities in Pula, 1896-1918 by Dejan Kosanović.

TIME MACHINE 3: DEJAN KOSANOVIĆ - Cinematograšhic Activities in Pula, 1896-1918

July 15 / 10 am


After 30 years from the first issue, with supplemented photographic documentation, the book brings to the forefront once again the beginnings of cinematographic activities in Pula until the end of the First World War. Based mostly on the available daily newspapers and periodicals of the time, the book focuses on travelling and permanent cinemas and habits of the then Pula audience.

Let the book in front of you, like a kind of historical periplus, be your guide around today’s Pula - the city that has Valli Cinema and CineStar, a parking garage inside Belgrade Cinema, a cinema at the beach, the festival cinema at Portarata, and the forgotten spaces of what used to be cinemas and are now restaurants and cafes. This city, one of the most beautiful in Croatia in general, a city with one of the most exciting pasts in general, deserves to have one of the most significant film pasts - in general.

From the foreword by Danijel Rafaelić


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