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I Am Frank

Croatian Programme - Minority Co-Production

budimo iskreni

The unexpected inheritance from their father sparks a dispute between Frank, a rebel who still swears by the solidarity and ‘old’ socialist values, and his brother Brane, a classic transition profiteer. While Frank is tracking the source of money which his late father, a protagonist of the Slovenian independence, made through shady dealings, Brane resorts to his lawyers and a network of his father’s cronies, who are no strangers to mafia tactics. Brane’s wife Ines, who has in fact loved Frank all along, finds herself caught between the two brothers.

Slovenia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia | 2019 | 98’
Original title: Jaz sem Frenk

DIRECTOR Metod Pevec | SCREENPLAY Metod Pevec, Ivo Trajkov | CINEMATOGRAPHY Marko Brdar | EDITOR Jelena Maksimović | PRODUCTION DESIGN Marco Juratovec | COSTUME DESIGN Katja Hrobat | SOUND Atanas Georgiev, Julij Zornik, Branko Đorđević | SCORE Mate Matišić | MAKE UP Mojca Gorogranc Petrushevska | ACTORS EJanez Škof, Katarina Čas, Valter Dragan, Radko Polič, Uroš Smolej, Mojca Partljič, Mojca Ribič, Silva Čušin | PRODUCER Danijel Hočevar | COMPANY Vertigo | COPRODUCERS Ivan Maloča, Maja Vukić, Svetozar Ristevski, Kornelija Ristovska Markovska, Igor Kecman, Jelena Mitrović  | COPRODUCED BY Interfilm (Croatia), Small Moves Films (North Macedonia), Backroom Production (Serbia), RTV Slovenija (Slovenia) | DISTRIBUTION 2i Film (Blitz) | SALES AGENT Soul Food International Sales

INTERNATIONAL FESTIVALS Festival of Slovenian Film 2019

Metod Pevec (Ljubljana, 1958) is a film director and screenwriter, novelist, and actor, who graduated in philosophy and comparative literature from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. Along with short and documentary films, and a TV series, he is also the author of feature films Carmen, Beneath Her Window, Estrellita, Summer Hits, Good Night, Missy, Tango Abrazos.

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