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Fishing and Fishermen's Conversations

Croatian Programme - Croatian Film

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The 16th century. Petar Hektorović, a nobleman poet, embarks on a three-day boat trip with two local fishermen, Paskoj and Nikola. As they hop the bucolic islands, the ageing poet recalls his youthful tragic love, comes to terms with his artistic (im)potence and the uneasy relationship with the commons, still influenced by the recent uprising, escalates. It culminates with a storm in which the delirious poet almost loses his life, but for bravery and sacrifice of his men. The film is anintricate patchwork of reality, memories, dreams, and visions, which tell the story of a tragic love.

Croatia | 2020 | 97' 
history drama WORLD PREMIERE

DIRECTOR Milan Trenc | SCREENPLAY Milan Trenc (based on travelogue poem by Petar Hektorović) | CINEMATOGRAPHY Ivan Zadro | EDITORS Miran Miošić, Dubravko Slunjski | PRODUCTION DESIGN Ivan Ivan | COSTUME DESIGN Emilija Šušković Jakopac, Nikolina Knežević | SOUND Dubravka Premar | SCORE Igor Paro | MAKE UP Sanja Hrstić Kuterovac | VISUAL EFFECTS Luka Hrgović, Ivica Presečki | SPECIAL EFFECTS Drago Poldrugač | LEAD ACTRESS Romina Tonković | LEAD ACTOR Rade Šerbedžija | SUPPORTING ACTRESSES Ingeborg Appelt, Gala Nikolić | SUPPORTING ACTORS Leon Lučev, Bojan Brajči, Lorenzo Damjanić, Filip Mayer, Giulio Settimo | PRODUCERS Boris Veličan, Milan Trenc | COMPANY Studio Devet | DISTRIBUTION Blitz Film&Video Distribucija

Milan Trenc (Zagreb, 1962) is an illustrator, screenwriter, director, and producer of animated and feature film, and a multimedia artist. He graduated in film direction from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. His book The Night at the Museum was produced as a feature film of the same name. He is the director of Zen Stories, animated films (The Big Time, Elephant Goes to Kindergarten, Loneliness), and theatre plays and TV series (Emil and the Detectives, Zlikavci, Šareni vremeplov).

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