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Go, Went, Gone

Croatian Programme - Croatian Film

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In an effort to heal her broken heart after breaking up with her boyfriend Fran, Veronika decides to go on their planned trip to Istanbul out of spite. Her friend Kaja joins her on her adventure, and actually it is Kaja’s childhood friend Vid who is going to drive them from Zagreb to Istanbul. Vid steals his grandfather’s old van and they start an adventure of their lifetime. As to get them out of the police bail, the Serbian gamer Baka Prase unexpectedly join them. Baka Prase sees the three as his chance to get to Istanbul to finally challenge his online enemy Mert Efe.

Croatia | 2019 | 96' 

DIRECTOR Ljubo Zdjelarević | SCREENPLAY Nikolina Bogdanović | CINEMATOGRAPHY Raul Brzić | EDITOR Ana Marija Sremec | COSTUME DESIGN Ana Jurjević | SOUND Hrvoje Štefotić, Ivan Mihoci | SCORE Hrvoje Prskalo | MAKE UP Nina Pejnović | VISUAL EFFECTS Vedran Štefan | LEAD ACTRESSES Veronika Rosandić, Kaja Kočevar - Kaya Solo | LEAD ACTORS Bogdan Ilić - Baka Prase, Vid Juračić | SUPPORTING ACTRESS Nika Ilčić | SUPPORTING ACTORS Zijad Gračić, Fran Lauš, Nenad Krstić  - Tony TCTN, Mert Efe | PRODUCERS Ljubo Zdjelarević, Barbara Jukopila | COMPANY Kinoteka | DISTRIBUTION 2i Film | WORLD SALES 2iFilm

Ljubo Zdjelarević (Nova Gradiška, 1981) graduated in history and geography from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, and has studied film and theatre production at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. He is the founder of the production company Kinoteka, which produces documentary, feature, and animated projects, multimedia, and TV commercials. He is a graduate of EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs). Go, Went, Gone is his feature debut.

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