DIRECTOR: Srđan Karanović

COUNTRY: Yugoslavia

YEAR/DURATION: 1969. • 38

GENRE: documentary


  • SCREENPLAY: Srđan Karanović
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY : Televizija Beograd


Neda Arnerić (1953–2020) has left a mark on Yugoslav and Serbian television, film, and theatre art with her roles. Her first role, in the film The Dream, directed by Puriša Đorđević, secured her status as Yugoslav child film star. She then played roles in films by the same director Oh, divljino and The Morning (1967), and a year after in the films Saculatat, The Noon, and The Girl in the Park. The role of Višnja brought her to the very top of the Yugoslav acting scene. The Girl in the Park was screened at Pula Film Festival in 1969, and is the theme of the episode from the TV show Neobavezno – Mala Neda. Inserts from the episode will remind the audience of Višnja from the park, the interview she gave to journalists in Pula, as well as her mother who closely followed the first years of her daughter’s career.

About the director

Srđan Karanović (1945) graduated in film and TV directing from FAMU in 1970. He directed more than seventy documentary, short feature, commission, and commercial films. Working in TV, he stood out with his 10-episode series Grlom u jagode. His feature films Fragnance of Wild Flowers (1978), Petrija’s Wreath (1980), Something in Between (1982), Jagode u grlu (1985), A Film with No Name (1988), and Virdžina (1991) were screened at all important global film festivals with great success and sold to more than thirty countries around the world. In 2003 he made the film Loving Glances, and seven years later the acclaimed romance drama Solemn Promise (2009).


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