Exciting Love Story



Exciting Love Story

DIRECTOR: Borivoj Dovniković – Bordo


COUNTRY: Yugoslavia

YEAR / DURATION: 1989. • 5’

GENRE: animated


  • SCREENPLAY: Borivoj Dovniković – Bordo
  • DRAWING: Borivoj Dovniković – Bordo
  • ANIMATION: Borivoj Dovniković – Bordo
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY: Valerija Radanović
  • EDITOR: Tea Brunšmid
  • SCORE: Davor Rocco
  • COMPANY: Zagreb film – 1989



On the screen, divided into discrete fields, we follow the troubles of the little man trying to reach his sweetheart. He is led by his instinct and her voice. Overcoming the obstacles of nature and the environment, he will reach her. The obstacles crumble away and love wins.

About the director

Borivoj Dovniković Bordo (1930 – 2022), animator, cartoonist, illustrator, graphic designer and comic book strip creator. After high school (1949), he came to Zagreb to study at the Academy of Fine Arts and started working professionally as cartoonist and illustrator in journalism. He left university as early as 1950 to join a group of cartoonists from the humour magazine Kerempuh, which initiate film animation and produced the first artistic animated film in the region, The Big Meeting. In 1951 and 1952, he worked on bringing together and training new animators at Duga film, and started work on the overall development of the Zagreb School of Animation. Starting out as drawer and animator, Bordo drew, animated, and directed his own films from 1961, mostly at Zagreb film. In his career, which spanned 50 years, he received numerous domestic and international awards and acknowledgments


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