In the competition category Croatian Film, the Croatian Jury presents the following awards:

  • Grand Golden Arena for Best Festival Film (received by the producer)
  • Golden Arena for Best Director
  • Golden Arena for Best Screenplay
  • Golden Arena for Best Actress
  • Golden Arena for Best Actor
  • Golden Arena for Best Cinematography
  • Golden Arena for Best Editing
  • Golden Arena for Best Music
  • Golden Arena for Best Supporting Actress
  • Golden Arena for Best Supporting Actor
  • Golden Arena for Best Production Design
  • Golden Arena for Best Costume Design
  • Golden Arena for Best Make-Up
  • Golden Arena for Best Sound Design
  • Golden Arena for Best Special Effects
  • Golden Arena for Best Visual Effects

The Croatian Jury also presents the Breza Award for Best Debutant from one of the above listed categories. 

In the category Croatian Minority Co-production, the Croatian Jury presents the following awards.

Golden Arena for Best Croatian Minority Co-production (received by the Croatian co-producer)


up to three Golden Arenas for Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Music, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design, Best Make-Up, Best Sound Design, Best Special Effects and Best Visual Effects.


Golden Gate of Pula – Award for the best rated film in the Croatian Programme by the audience, sponsored by the City of Pula.

Marijan Rotar Award – Award presented to individuals or institutions that have brought together Pula and film by their ideas or activities.

Nikola Tanhofer Award – The annual award presented by the Croatian Cinematographers Society for best achievements in art and cinematography as a testament to distinctiveness and artistry in cinematography and promoting cinematography, and visual and film culture.

Fabijan Šovagović Award – Award presented by the Croatian Film Directors’ Guild for special acting contribution to Croatian film.

Award of the Filmmakers Association of Croatia for Lifetime Contribution to Film ― Award presented by the Croatian Society of Film Workers for lifetime contribution to film.

Vedran Šamanović Award ― Award for an artist who has expanded the boundaries of film expression in Croatian film with their innovative approach, in any kind of film, feature or short film, during the current year; this award is presented by the Croatian Society of Film Workers, Croatian Society of Film Critics, Croatian Film Director’s Guild. Croatian Cinematographers Society, and Croatian Film Association.

Awards of the Croatian Independent Cinemas Network – The cooperation between Pula Film Festival and Croatian Independent Cinemas Network (Kino mreža) aims to encourage cinema distribution of domestic and international independent films. Since 2023, the jury composed of cinema representatives decides on the best Croatian film in the main programme that is yet to go into cinema distribution. Starting this year, the same jury will also decide on the best international film in the Greater Adria programme. Awarded films will receive prizes as incentive for distribution in the form of advertising space and a minimal number of cinemas in the first week of distribution.

Festival donors and sponsors can present the awards in line with mutually agreed obligations.

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